Tyla travels with a bag of mielie meal to make pap overseas!

Tyla travels with a bag of mielie meal to make pap overseas!

Our South African sweetheart is making us proud...

Tyla Instagram  YouTube music video
Tyla Instagram/ YouTube music video

Tyla is an international sensation for her hit music, candid personality, and firecracker dance moves. 

In a recent interview, Tyla revealed something extraordinary about how she carries a taste of Mzansi everywhere she goes. 

Check out Tyla’s explanation for her unique food preference:

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This moment has gone viral, making social media users overseas interested about what pap entails. 

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While South Africans bask in pride over how Tyla is putting us on the map, some SAFFAS have shared their two cents on the matter:

  • “They might as well give her that Trevor Noah check for promoting our country”
  • “Tyla is a true patriot of this beautiful country”
  • “More so, she’s traveling nicely with our accent shem”
  • “Make me sweat, make me papa”
  • “Tyla travels with maize meal so she can cook pap. I can't even cook pap”

More on East Coast Radio:

In other Tyla related news, the 'Water' hitmaker has announced her debut album!  

The 21-year-old is set to release her self-titled album in March 2024. 

Ahead of the album release, the singer released three new songs - 'On and On', 'Truth or Dare', and 'Butterflies'. 

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Her other single, 'Water', which is also taken from the upcoming album, is currently No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and No. 1 for a fourth week on the R&B Digital Song Sales chart, reports Rated R &B

It was even nominated for a Grammy. Currently, the music video for the song, which was released a month ago, has 60-million views on YouTube. 

"Everything that’s happening has surpassed anything I could have dreamt of," she wrote on IG. 

The singer revealed that she has been working on the new album for the past two years. 

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