Tyla shows Jennifer Hudson how to do the 'Water' dance

Tyla shows Jennifer Hudson how to do the 'Water' dance

South Africa's golden girl bagged another big TV appearance in America...

Tyla wears her hair in cornrows for a TV appearance
South African singer Tyla/ YouTube (The Jennifer Hudson Show)

One month after her American TV debut on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon', Tyla is back on yet another popular US show. 

The 'Water' hitmaker was recently a guest on 'The Jennifer Hudson Show'. 

Tyla chatted to the talk show host about her rising music career,  the song that made her famous all over the world, and her recent Grammy nomination.  

The 21-year-old was nominated in the 'Best African Music Performance' category alongside Musa Keys, Davido, Burna Boy, Ayra Starr, ASAKE, and Olamide. 

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Jennifer, who is a two-time Grammy Award winner herself, asked Tyla about the moment she found out she was a nominee. 

"I was in my hotel room in New York. I didn't expect it at all... when I saw my name, yoh, I jumped up. I was screaming. I can't believe it. It's crazy," Tyla said. 

How to do the 'Water' dance 

Tyla also showed Jennifer how to do her popular 'Water' dance challenge. The dance went viral on TikTok shortly after its release in July. 

Stars such as Ciara, Janet Jackson, and Snoop Dogg have showed the track some love. 

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Jennifer might have one of the most powerful voices in the music industry but is not as confident when it comes to doing viral TikTok dances. 

Watch Tyla teach Jennifer Hudson how to do the 'Water' dance in the video below.

Tyla has a lot to celebrate this week. She is getting ready to release a new song on Friday called, 'Truth or Dare'. She shared a new teaser for the track on Monday.

Meanwhile, 'Water' still has the world dancing. It continues to climb the charts in America and just entered the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

"Top 10!! I cannot even believe everything that is happening," Tyla wrote on her Instagram Stories. 

'Water' is also in the top 10 on the ECR Top 40 with Danny brought to you by CTM.

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Main image credit: YouTube/ The Jennifer Hudson Show

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