Andile Mpisane promises R10,000 to 20 students struggling with debt

Andile Mpisane promises R10,000 to 20 students struggling with debt

For his 20th birthday, the football player is hoping to make a positive impact on the lives of students struggling with crushing debt.

Andile Mpisane Student Debt

It is no secret that studying, working towards that degree, and tertiary education as a whole can be a struggle.

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And that's before adding the weight of the almost inconceivable amount of student debt.

Sure, a college or university education costs more than your average high school, but if receiving an education (which you need in order to apply for work) is so important, why are students, their parents, or whoever is paying for these courses, going broke trying to build their future?

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This brings us to the current disastrous educational climate South Africa is finding itself in right now.

A few years ago, students across the country started a movement called #FeesMustFall, calling for all university and college fees to either be cut significantly or scrapped entirely.

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Either way - students do not want to pay.

Now in light of recent events, SA universities are once again under heavier fire as student organisations are calling for the cancellation of school fees and scenes have escalated over the past week.

A few local celebs have even pledged to donate money to these organisations and help put money towards some of the student debt.

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The most recent famous face being Andile Mpisane, who is the son of businesswoman Shauwn Mkhize and her former husband Sbu Mpisane.

Andile is currently a jack of many trades as he plays football for the Real King F.C in Durban, has made reality television appearances, and is an up-and-coming musician.

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He also recently turned 20-years-old and took to Instagram to make a HUGE announcement.

Andile has promised to pay a total of R200,000 to 20 university students currently dealing with this debt.

He explained how students would be able to qualify for the donation, but made it clear that this is no competition.

You can read the full announcement below:

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Seeing these South African celebs trying to make a difference during these times is truly heartwarming.

Although you could say that in an ideal world, the educational system would not be as flawed as it is right now and no-one would have debt.

Maybe one day, but for now it'll just remain a dream.

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