Slinky snake rescued after being stuck in an empty can

Slinky snake rescued after being stuck in an empty can

This snake was successfully rescued from can confinement...

Snake stuck in a can
Snake stuck in a can/ Facebook

A slippery twist of fate caused a snake to end up in a can conundrum. 

This incident was captured by a snake catcher from Tasmania, Australia, who took to Facebook to warn people about the damaging effects of littering.

Needles to say, this rescue was a ssssucessful mission. Check the informative post that has peaked interested in this unfortunate situation: 

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As captured in the post above, the resilient reptile was caught in the confines of human litter and faced an unexpected challenge that would require a compassionate rescue mission.

This daring rescue is testament to the importance of keeping our environment clean and safe. Discarded cans, bottles, and other debris can pose serious threats to wildlife, leading to entrapment and endangering the lives of creatures that share our ecosystems.

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All it takes is a little bit of mindfulness to prevent issues like this from transpiring in Mzansi. 

Simple actions, such as properly disposing of cans and containers in designated bins, cutting bottle cap rings, and reducing the use of straws/plastic bags can prevent these unintended wildlife entanglements.


Here's what the internet had to say on the matter:

  • "Not a fan of snakes at all. But not a fan of any animal being injured because of humans carelessness."
  • "Was he/she harmed? So glad you helped him/her. I love snakes!"
  •  "Good job. Wonderful creatures."
  •  "We need to bring back the littering campaigns."
  • "Stop littering!" 
  • "I will never look at cans the same way again when throwing them out"

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