VIDEO: Man catches and kisses monstrous anaconda

VIDEO: Man catches and kisses monstrous anaconda

A snake smooch that went viral...

Man kissing snake
Man kissing snake/ Instagram

They say you shouldn't kiss and tell, but how could this daring adventurer not share the scoop behind smooching one of the world's most dangerous creatures?

This intrepid man, whose passion for wildlife knows no bounds, managed to catch and even share a kiss with this formidable serpent, creating a tale that echoes through the internet.

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@therealtarzann had a bare-handed encounter with a giant anaconda. Check it out here: 

The internet is impressed at this surreal moment. It takes a combination of courage and reverence for nature to have a one-of-a-kind interaction. 

This act defied the boundaries between man and nature, evoking a sense of connection that transcends the conventional perceptions of these formidable reptiles.

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While many animal lovers are in disagreement of this approach, the situation turned out safe and both parties were left unharmed. 

Here's what the internet had to share on the matter:

  • "That’s wildly impressive"
  • "My thing would always be thinking there’s another one right behind me"
  • "Imagine, chilling in the park and someone comes up to you and holds you by the neck like that!"
  • "Me trying to untangle the phone lines back in the 90s"
  • "Mans just out here walking into my nightmares"
  • "A stunning danger noodle"


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