Snakes on the loose! Check your shoes, KZN...

Snakes on the loose! Check your shoes, KZN...

'Tis the season to be snakeyyy...

Snake in high heel
Snake in high heel / canva

As the temperatures rise and nature awakens, it's not just flowers and wildlife that come out to play; it's the snakes. Snake season is here, so we are shedding some light on the slithering creatures that can hide in plain sight.

If you reside in KZN, you know that it may be a common experience to spot a snake around your property. However, this particular experience can be incredibly jarring...

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Picture this: You're getting ready to leave the house and pick up your shoes... little do you know that a curious snake has made itself a cozy home inside one of them! 

It's a reminder that nature's surprises can sometimes be as fascinating as they are startling. Boo!

This is your sign to check your shoes cause you never know what may lie inside. 

While the idea of a snake in your shoe might send shivers down your spine, it's essential to remember that most snakes are mostly harmless and simply seeking shelter or warmth. 

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Therefore, it is always good practice to shake out your footwear. "Shakey shakey so there's no snakey," shares Stacey Norman.

Cheers to no uninvited guests taking up residence.


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