The shocking rise of eye colour changing surgeries sparks controversy

The shocking rise of eye colour changing surgeries sparks controversy

Daring trend of vision risk for some 'new eyes'?

Eye surgery
Eye surgery / canva

Do you want to be a sight for sore eyes? Well, if you take the plunge and get an eye colour alteration, you might just end up with sore eyes. 

A risky breakthrough in cosmetic advancements has seen eye colour changing surgery become the talk of the town.

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Do you not want to be a brown-eyed person anymore? If you don't mind the risks, which include going blind, then this cutting-edge treatment might be calling your name. 

What is the eye colour changing surgery?

The procedure, referred to as keratopigmentation, utilises a laser to carve a tunnel in the outer cornea for pigment placement. However, experts caution that this method may result in severe conditions.

One woman took to TikTok and shared how she took the plunge to change her brown eyes to a piercing blue. Check out the viral video here: 

@new_color_flaak EYE COLOR CHANGE for @LAYYONS🦋 Eye color change using the FLAAK Pro technique, the most advanced and natural keratopigmentation ☝🏼 You dream about changing the color of your eyes? Send us a PM 💌 #newcolor #flaak #keratopigmentation #visumax #visumax800 #eye #eyecolorchange ♬ son original - new_color_flaak

As seen in the video above, the patient's eyes transformed to a vibrant blue. 

The internet has had mixed reactions to this trending phenomenon. 

Here is some of what the internet has to say:

  • "She looks possessed"
  • “I have blue eyes and I can’t even see when the sun is out! My kids all have brown eyes and they be seeing everything.”
  • "Dr. I'd like white walker blue eyes please"
  • "She can just use contacts. This is so unnecessary."
  • "This is not worth it. Don't do it."

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Stay tuned for more, we will bring you the latest at East Coast Radio. 

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