Life-threatening vehicle accident caught on camera

Serious car crash caught on camera near Cape Town

Footage released over the weekend shows the serious nature of the accident, which took place near Cape Town.

Julian Jansen crash
Source: Julian Jansen

We all know the dangers and risks involved with driving a car - and those have been highlighted in a video released on social media. 

The crazy accident took place in Strand near Cape Town on Friday. The video was released by Rapport journalist, Julian Jansen.

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The footage shows how quickly things can go wrong on the road, with the white vehicle wanting to turn right before being taken out by another vehicle heading straight down the road.

Those in the vicinity revealed that a “loud bang" could be heard at the moment of impact.

Watch the video below:

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According to reports, thankfully, no serious injuries have been reported.

If this video teaches us anything, it is the importance of always keeping your eyes peeled to the road, especially when making turns on busy roads.

Image credit: Julian Jansen

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