South Africa makes it onto TikTok’s top 25 most watched countries list

South Africa makes it onto TikTok’s top 25 most watched countries list

People actually enjoy visiting South Africa. No surprises there...

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Don't we all enjoy seeing South Africa make international waves? This time it is not for sport or a famous actress - we are being commended for our hospitality. 

The number of TikTok users grows daily and for us to be the only country in Africa to make it onto the most watched countries list is a big deal. 

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The video-sharing app is becoming the go-to place to get valuable information regarding almost anything and everything. Well, you will love to know that you can also research and plan your next travel destinations from inspirations on the app. 

So how did we make it to the list? 

The brand 'Superdry' compiled a list of 193 countries, 292 cities, and 1,095 attractions from around the globe, then searched certain hashtags on TikTok to analyse which had the most views. 

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Making the top three most watched cities in the world were New York, Seoul, and Dubai. Well, that is not surprising at all. 

These are cities so many people plan their entire lives to visit. 

Japan came top as the most-watched travel destination on TikTok. Most people enjoy going there during the famous cherry blossom season and it was evident on the app as well.

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'Travel in Russia' videos are the second most popular on TikTok. Mexico is then the third most-watched country on travel TikTok with 215.3-million views. 

Breath-taking beach videos dominated the hashtags providing advice and inspiration for those keen on making their way in that direction.

And can you believe this? The Kruger National Park also featured in the top 50 most watched attractions! 

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That definitely makes it world class. 

We are the only African country to appear on the top 25 list. That is definitely a big deal and a pat on the back for our tourism industry! 

Shoutout to all the travel TikTokers who make sure to document the best parts of our country. 

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