The world's Top 10 safest cities in 2021

LIST: Want to travel again? These are the world's Top 10 safest cities in 2021

You are guaranteed to be quite comfortable in each of these cities. 

Streets of Toronto

So much has changed since COVID-19 made its debut in the world. One of those things is a look at what 'security' truly is, especially in  a health sense. This was one of the notes The Economist made in their executive summary of the Safe Cities Index 2021. 

"In such circumstances, health is an obvious place to begin a discussion of urban security in 2021," they shared. How a city's healthcare responds to something like this pandemic is a significant kind of security. The same has been shared about 'digital security', because most work and commerce has now moved online. Digital security is an even higher priority. Along with these two types of security/pillars, 'personal security', 'environmental security', and 'infrastructure security' are used to measure and identify which among the 60 major cities worldwide is the safest. 

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So, let's see which 10 came out on top:


Denmark's capital, Copenhagen, comes in at number 1 on the list of the World’s Safe Cities Index 2021. This comes after it scored 82.4 points out of 100 from the calculations featuring all the pillars. 

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Drake's hometown of Toronto in Canada ranked second on the list, with an overall score of 82.2 points. 

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Famous for its clean streets and modern buildings, Singapore is the third safest city in the world with a score of 80.7. 

Sydney, Australia

New South Wales capital, Sydney, has managed to secure fourth spot on the list. It scored 80.1 points in the safety list.

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All our Olympic athletes just returned from there. It is Tokyo in 5th place with 80 points.

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When people speak about Amsterdam, Anne Frank's home is one the first things that come to mind. It ranks sixth in the list. The city scored 79.3 points. 


New Zealand's capital Wellington ranks seventh in the list with a score of 79 points.

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Hong Kong

A lot of tourists love it for Disneyland. The eighth safest city in the world is Hong Kong. The city scored 78.6 points. 

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Another Australian city, Melbourne, makes the top ten. The city with one of the most picturesque locations ranks ninth in the list with 78.6 points.

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Stockholm in Sweden rounds off the top 10 World’s safe cities top 10 list. It scored 78 points in the survey.

So, you know exactly where you will be comfortable in terms of security in the world. 

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