Proverb gets candid about his suicide attempt in memoir

Proverb gets candid about his suicide attempt in memoir

The rapper, presenter, and producer says he wanted to end it all.


The Book of Proverb - which is rapper and 'Idols SA' presenter and producer Proverb's memoir - chronicles his inspirational life journey.

However, one particular event which took place on a Friday night in 2015 landed the father of two in hospital. 

Proverb, whose real name is Tebogo Thekisho, was at his lowest point in his life after finding out that his wife of ten years, Onalerona Moreo, had been having an affair with notorious businessman Edwin Sodi.

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In his memoir, he opens up about his depression and how he had decided that Friday night that he was taking his own life, which resulted in an overdose.

"I was emotional, but in my mind I felt quite sane about the plan I was about to execute. I was motivated by my failure to provide my children with a stable home life… If I were dead I wouldn’t have to see my wife and kids leave to start their new life without me,” he writes in his book.

Although himself and his wife tried to rekindle their marriage through counselling, they eventually decided to go their separate ways.

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However, Proverb wants people to look at his situation as not just a suicide attempt or a divorce, but rather how he survived a dark period in his life.

"In my personal life I have found peace and this is the biggest takeaway that I hope many will receive from the book. My victory against depression and dark times, I hope, will show others that there is light, and I sincerely felt that my story was well timed as depression is rife in our society, so perhaps this will stimulate conversations and offer some hope,” he said.

  • SA Anxiety and Depression Group (Sadag) 24-hour helpline: 0800-456-789, SMS 31393. For a suicide emergency, call Sadag on 0800-567-567.

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