#CakeGate: Keri miller is sentenced

#CakeGate: Keri Miller is sentenced

The Breakfast team wants to get to the bottom of Keri Miller's cake scandal that is now making headlines.

Darren, Keri and Sky

After a successful ECR 24th birthday cake-off on Friday, 9 October, all the hard work and celebrations went down the drain when the team discovered that Keri Miller actually cheated.

Darren Maule and Sky Tshabalala, on Monday, 12 October, formally accused Miller of cheating, claiming that she used ingredients that cost more than R100 and even worse, she did not bake her own cake.

Listen to the podcast and watch the video below.

When media houses heard about this cake scandal, Miller's phone was buzzing with calls. She accepted an interview by East Coast Radio's daytime host Vic Naidoo, further denying the accusations live on air.

Listen to the full interview here

However, the Breakfast team takes these accusations very seriously, so seriously that they have enlisted the service of legal expert Ashton Naidoo who, on Tuesday, 13 October, launched the Naidoo Commission of Inquiry into Cake Capture.

With the commission in full session, Miller brought forward her witness, Courtney from Dough Girl, who reassured the court that Miller is innocent.

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#CakeGate : Keri's witness takes the stand

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On Wednesday, 14 October, commissioner Ashton Naidoo found Keri Miller guilty of fraud, misrepresentation, bringing the show into disrepute, cheating and lying. This after another witness was brought forward by the commissioner who had damning evidence against the accused.

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#CakeGate: The verdict is out!

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Cake convict Keri Miller was found guilty at the Commission of Inquiry into Cake Capture on Wednesday by commissioner Shton Naidoo. On Thursday, 15 October, Miller was sentenced on four counts; bringing the show into disrepute, fraud, misrepresentation, cheating and lying.

Listen to the podcast for the full sentencing.

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#CakeGate: Keri Miller is sentenced

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