Polokwane municipal worker goes on a rampage

Polokwane municipal worker goes on a wild joyride

The municipal worker was arrested after he allegedly drove over a police officer several times and damaged other municipal vehicles.


One of the injured officers includes a 55-year-old municipal law enforcement officer who was very seriously injured and had to be admitted to a hospital.

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The incident took place on Friday afternoon after the worker decided to lock himself inside the truck and then started showcasing violent behaviour.

He claimed to have had a weapon and would threaten anyone who would try to approach him.

Just as employees got close enough to ask him what was wrong, he then started driving the truck, and not in a normal way but rather by yanking it around.

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When police arrived on the scene he had swerved the truck into several vehicles and had gone on to damage two more police vehicles.

The incident only came to an end after he completely lost control of the truck and hit a wall, where he was injured.

He was arrested and escorted to the hospital.

Main image courtesy of Twitter

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