Facebook blocks terminally-ill man from broadcasting his death

Facebook blocks terminally-ill man from broadcasting his death

The Frenchman wants to live stream his final days after President Emmanuel Macron denied his euthanasia plea.


Alain Cocq, who has been suffering from a rare condition for 34 years, where the walls of the arteries stick together, is refusing to eat, drink or take his medication in a bid to end his life after his president denied his plea to be euthanised.

In addition to this, the 57-year-old has announced that he will chronicle his death on Facebook, as he believes he only has one week to live. 

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"So I have finished my last meal ... I drink to your health one last time. The road to deliverance begins and, believe me, I am happy," Cocq said in a video he posted on the social media platform. 

Termilanny Ill frenchman, Alan Cocq

However, Facebook has said that it would block Cocq's livestream as its rules do not allow it to show suicide.

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"Although we respect [Cocq's] decision to want to draw attention to this complex question, following expert advice we have taken measures to prevent the live broadcast on Alain's account," a Facebook spokesman said.

"Our rules do not allow us to show suicide attempts," the spokesperson added.

Undeterred by Facebook's decision to block him, Cocq said that he would find another solution and has called on his followers and friends to protest against Facebook’s “unjust methods of discrimination and obstruction of freedom of expression”.

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