#ExpertSeries: Legal expert Ashton Naidoo answers KZN's questions

#ExpertSeries: Legal expert Ashton Naidoo answers KZN's questions

Car licence grace period, who will pay for a car damaged during a riot, and more... Ashton Naidoo answers KZN's questions. 

Drivers licence

Legal expert Ashton Naidoo answers your legal questions during Darren, Keri, and Sky every Tuesday.

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This week, he responded to questions about renewing your car licence now that the grace period is over, child maintenance, and who will pay for your damaged car after a riot. 

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  • My car was damaged during a riot, what should I do? 
  • The family that stays across from is are constantly revving their car and speaking loudly, should I call the police? 
  • If your car licence is expired now, are you exempt from any sort of recourse from the law? 
  • I cannot afford to pay more maintenance costs for my child, what should I do?

Ashton Naidoo answered these questions and more. Listen to the podcast below:

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