UPDATE: COVID-19 Diary: Darren Keri Sky's producer shares his 'essentials' list

UPDATE: WR's COVID-19 Diary - Darren Keri Sky's producer shares his 'essentials' list

As we be track our producer's progress with 'WR's COVID-19 Diary'. Today he shared with us what essential healthy food he is consuming. How legit is he though? 

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WR van der Merwe has been away for a while and we the team suspected that he most likely had Malaria because he had been to the Kruger National Park when we had our week-long holiday in early June. 

On Wednesday 9 June 2021, WR started isolating from the ECR studio but at no point did we suspect that COVID-19 was an option due to WR owning pretty much all the sanitizers in the building. Also, you will never find him without his mask on.

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Look at all the 'spotted' moments: 

East Coast Radio
East Coast Radio
East Coast Radio

He recently sent the team a voicenote and this is what WR had to say: 

So we are officially making this WR's COVID-19 Diary; a place where we can document his progress with him right here. 

For all the curious people or those that might have nosophobia - an extreme or irrational fear of developing a disease - you will get to get an updated, firsthand and uncensored experience of being COVID-19 positive. 

It obviously varies from person to person but you will get an idea of some of the telltale signs of a symptomatic person.

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Hope you get well, WR! 

We are back here on Wednesday morning, June 16! Yes, it is Youth Day in South Africa. 

While our producer swore he was taking good care of himself at home, presenter of Early Breakfast who runs our desk in studio, told us a different story. Since he lives in the same neighbourhood as Mr Producer, WR asked him to buy him some essentials. You'll be shocked what 'essentials' are for WR: 

We can definitely not judge a sick man. It was probably a reflex to hearing that the President would be addressing us . He should do what he has got to do to stay afloat. 

Otherwise, we are on Alert Level 3, we hope everyone stays safe during this time as COVID-19 cases increase. 

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WR, get better and do better! 

For all COVID-19 related topics and frequently asked questions, listen to virologist and virus hunter Prof Tulio De Oliveira's podcasts here: 

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