Third wave going national? Prof Tulio shares predictions

Third wave going national? Prof Tulio shares predictions

After Gauteng was announced to have the third wave, the question of whether or not the COVID-19 third wave will reach any other provinces is on everyone’s mind.

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Virologist, virus hunter, and bioinformatician Prof Tulio de Oliviera from KRISP at UKZN speaks to us again on COVID-19-related topics and answers your pressing COVID-19 questions.

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This week, we have witnessed people nationwide, health workers and senior citizens alike, stand in long lines in hopes of getting vaccinated. 

A promising number of 40,000 people got vaccinated this week and Prof Tulio makes his opening remarks about how the success has created a hopeful spirit in people and the efficiency of the vaccine and the Health Department. 

Prof shares that for people who may not be senior citizens but want to get vaccinated, the vaccine will be available in pharmacies and it will be more accessible. If you are one of those people, the Prof advises to stay tuned to the news and be on the lookout regarding this topic. 

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With regards to the third wave, will the entire country be affected? 

Prof Tulio shares that inland provinces are seeing numbers increase rapidly, as they didn’t have a huge second wave as people were in the outland provinces for holidays when it occurred.

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Listen to the podcast below for more information from Prof Tulio de Oliviera about the third wave and the appropriate medication to go with the vaccine...

One listener asked the question: "What will happen if I got the virus after getting vaccinated? " 

Prof Tulio shares that because antibodies take a while to block the actual virus, the chance of acquiring COVID-19 will be higher or as high as before you got vaccinated. 

In closing, Prof Tulio shares the appropriate time for sportsmen to be vaccinated.

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