Severe symptoms to look out for when self-isolating

Severe symptoms to look out for when self-isolating - Prof Tulio shares

Prof Tulio de Oliveira shares with us severe symptoms to highlight and promptly act on when you are in self-isolation.

Sever symptoms

Every Wednesday, we are get to chat to the world-renowned bioinformatician, virus hunter, and virologist Prof Tulio de Oliveira from KRISP (Kwazulu-Natal Research Innovation and Sequencing Platforming) at UKZN. He chats to us regarding everything COVID-19 related and very recently, vaccine-related information.

You may unknowingly have contracted COVID-19 and gotten vaccinated. There are some serious effects that this could have on your health and Prof Tulio elaborates on this. He also shares how long after getting tested for COVID-19 should one go get vaccinated. 

A question we received from a listener is: "What the chances are that our variant mutates?"

Prof Tulio clearly shares this possibility but assures us that currently the chances are quite low. 

A question Sky asks is focused on symptoms to be wary of should you be at home self-isolating because you fear that you might have contracted COVID-19. 

Take a listen to this podcast:

From the podcast above, Prof Tulio descriptively states the difference between a normal fever and a sustained fever.

The right to get vaccinated or not is always highlighted when Prof Tulio mentions it in our sessions. He does mention the advantages that getting vaccinated bring, though, especially for senior citizens.

Don't know what the first move should be and you're feeling like you might have contracted COVID-19? It is all in the podcast above with one of SA's most qualified virologists.

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