Mathew Gold gives his 'Precious Time' in an exclusive with Sky Tshabalala

Mathew Gold gives his 'Precious Time' in an exclusive with Sky Tshabalala

Cape Town-born musician, Mathew Gold, is no stranger to the airwaves and definitely no stranger to East Coast Radio! Which is why when he decided to drop his brand new track, KZN's no. 1 Hit Music Station was his premiere choice.

Mathew Gold

When we talk 'smooth and dreamy vocals', we cannot leave out two-time SAMA nominee, Mathew Gold.

The man with the golden voice is dropping his brand new song, Precious Time, on 11 September, and what better way to do this than to exclusively give Darren, Keri, and Sky the bragging rights to play it first and a week in advance?

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The muso's chinwag with Sky Tshabalala starts off with their love for sports and moves swiftly along to the 'Black Lives Matter' movement; touching on the role that sports players and creatives have been playing in propelling the BLM message.

Speaking about some of the social ills that South Africa is faced with, Gold talks about his passion for the fight against abuse and gender-based violence, and how he has used his music to address these issues. 

"On my new album, I wrote a song with Byron Pillay and it's called 'Please Stop That Mr'. The song was inspired when we had the conversation (I remember) it was a Park Town Boys High teacher - a water polo teacher - he had done something to a kid and what hurt me more was that someone was covering up for this teacher and in that anger and pain we wrote this song..." he explains.

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The 'Lay Down' hitmaker often uses events in his life and his surroundings as inspiration to pen new music. In the case of his new song, Precious Time, his muse for his love songs (and a very special occasion in his personal life) were all the inspiration he needed.

Listen to his full interview with Sky in the podcast below:

Watch Mathew Gold's acoustic version of his new song below:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Instagram/MathewGoldMusic

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