EXCLUSIVE: Rubber Duc cannot be locked down!

EXCLUSIVE: Rubber Duc cannot be locked down!

The last time SA’s premier acoustic dance music (ADM) act, Rubber Duc, were on Darren, Keri, and Sky, they jammed on the patio. This time, however, the talented band members discuss how they have been navigating and keeping the tempo up during lockdown.

Rubber Duc
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Since releasing their smash hit, 'Ain't Nobody Got Time For That', back in 2014, Nick Jordaan (Vocals, Guitar), Brendan Campbell (Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar), Kabeey Sax (Saxophone), Amiel Gopal (Bass), and Nicholas McCreadie (Drums) have proven their growing popularity and staying power time and time again on the South African music scene.

It is this staying power that has kept them unsinkable, even during the global pandemic, which has rendered musicians without bookings and live gigs since the introduction of lockdown in March 2020.

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Speaking about the "new normal", especially where the music industry is concerned, Amiel said: "It is extremely scary. I think, just for us, you know trying to strategise and plan ahead already from March on how we can counter and kind of deliver something that will be different and still be cool enough but aware that Covid is out there.

"You don't want people in a place that they might get sick... and I don't think there is a justifiable or a 100% confirmed answer even now after six months..."

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One positive Rubber Duc has taken out of the current lockdown is the level of creativity it has afforded them in how they have experimented with the digital and online aspect of their music. 

Listen to the full interview in the podcast below:

We just couldn't let one of our faves go without a serenading performance for the ladies this Women's Month. Watch it below:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Instagram/RubberDucMusic

Catch up with moments from the latest edition of Darren, Keri, and Sky below:

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