Man attempts to get drunk on chocolate eggs

Man attempts to get drunk on chocolate eggs

He ate a choco-lot! 

Many easter eggs
Many colourful easter eggs/ canva

Some of us may have gone a little too hard on chocolate eggs this Easter season. One maverick is doing something so out of pocket - he is attempting to get drunk on chocolate eggies! 

We know what you're thinking and, yes, this is real! The reason behind this experiment is to prove that when this man's boss was rejected from 'Dragon’s Den' for having a small percentage of alcohol in a non-alcoholic drink, it was actually unfair. 

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Eating too much of anything can be bad, but eating too much of certain things can make you tipsy, according to this video. This TikToker previously attempted to get drunk on 100 slices of bread, however, he was not able to stomach enough slices. 

Take a look at the video that has gone viral of the Easter Egg saga: 

@impossibrewbeer that’s a whole lot of cream eggs. #chocolate #easter #experiment #foodscience ♬ original sound - IMPOSSIBREW®

As this man attempts to chow 120 eggs, we wish him the best in this endeavour. 

For many South Africans, having chocolate for breakfast during Easter is a regular tradition, but eating upwards of 10 eggs can leave your stomach aching! 

Stay tuned as we bring you the reveal on this interesting experiment. We will bring you the latest at East Coast Radio. 

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