Keri's Couch: "I consider 'Chasing The Sun' a love story " - director Greg Lomas

Keri's Couch: "I consider 'Chasing The Sun' a love story " - director Greg Lomas

In 2019, the Springboks ascended to world glory when they won the Rugby World Cup, and what followed is a riveting tale that chronicles their road to redemption in the form of a five-part documentary, 'Chasing The Sun'.

Chasing the sun

After watching the documentary - which is described as "a human story told through the lens of rugby" - Keri Miller could not stop raving about the rawness and patriotism portrayed by the nation's pride, The Springboks. So it comes as no surprise that she had a sitdown with the man who played a major part in bringing this remarkable story to us - director of Chasing The Sun, Greg Lomas.

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Born in Durban, Lomas studied advertising but has always had a passion for photojournalism and documentary film making. Although he was in marketing, he would exhibit his photographic work which grew into music video production for friends and later, the formation of a company he co-owns with a friend, Scholars and Gentlemen - which is responsible for a documentary on the leopard skin trade and one man's mission to strike a balance between culture and conservation through the creation of fake fur.

From a documentary about environmental conservation to working with Supersport and the Springboks, Lomas says it was their relationship with production house TNW (also involved in the making of 'Chasing The Sun') that assisted them in pushing the envelope in film making even further.

With this documentary, the aim was to tell the story of the Springboks, so when Keri asked if the documentary would still have happened had the Bokke lost, he said that it would have. 

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"The fact that it had such an unbelievable ending, the fairytale ending obviously, made it a clear decision to produce the documentary. But what I believe is that Supersport and TNW would have made the documentary either way. As described, 'Chasing The Sun', I consider it a love story, but it's 'a human story told through the lens of rugby' - that's how it is described. So, a human part of that is a failure or learning from not achieving your goals. Had they slipped up in the quarters or the semis, it still would have been a wonderful human story," Lomas said. 

The full interview covers parts of the documentary that stood out to many viewers, including the emotive interviews conducted with the players, all the details about the behind the scenes of the production, and the incredible reception the docuseries enjoyed. 

Listen below:

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