Keri's Couch Extra: Shekinah is just like 'the girl next door'

Keri's Couch Extra: Shekhinah is just like 'the girl next door'

Singing sensation Shekhinah Donell may not have realised her dream of becoming a ballerina, but many of us would admit that we are glad she chose music, because she has given us hit after hit since her debut song, 'Back To The Beach'.

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Born in 1994 in Durban and a lover of the beach, Shekhinah had South Africa falling in love with her on season seven and eight of 'Idols SA' as a teen.

Straight after matric, her fresh pop sound was introduced to us again when she featured fellow Durbanite Kyle Deutsch on her hit song, 'Back To The Beach' - a song she tells Keri that she would not want to perform ever again when asked to choose one song from her discography.

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With more hit songs such as 'Suited,' 'Please Mr', and 'Different', and with awards under her belt, one would think that Shekhinah is as glamorous as her name and career, but she reveals that she's just like the 'girl next door' and faces the same problems some women face; making reference to her insecurities about her body and her anxiety.

"The biggest thing is that I have crazy anxiety and the second thing would be body issues. I'm learning to be comfortable in my skin. I'm learning that if I'm unhappy with my body I can change it... I think it is just normal to struggle with things," she says.

Keri went deeper into the topic of body positivity and relationships, with the singer and songwriter revealing her relationship status.

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Bringing the conversation back to how we all know and love her - her music - Shekhinah also spoke about her upcoming online performance on JOOX, which is a first for her. 

"I was so excited to perform for this Friday's performance on JOOX that I even went crazy. I even asked the audience to sing along with me," she laughs.

Listen to the full interview below:

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