Keri's Couch: Musician Styles Mbatha shares his emotional adoption story

Keri's Couch: Musician Styles Mbatha shares his emotional adoption story

Musician Cecil 'Styles' Mbatha is a name and face that is very familiar to us at East Coast Radio, but what many of us do not know about him is that he was adopted.

Styles Mbatha
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With the 9th of November being World Adoption Day, Keri Miller had an eye-opening and emotional chat with 'Muuve' hitmaker Styles Mbatha, who was adopted by the Coke family into a different culture at a young age.

Speaking to Keri about his upbringing, Cecil tells Keri that it was not until he was eight years old that he realised he was adopted.

"How I understood my adoption was only at the age of about eight, reason being is because as a young boy you are very ignorant to the lifestyle you live because you have somebody who is your mum and dad. But as you get older you gradually start to understand a few things, like for example the first thing I ever did was ask my mum 'mum, why are you peach and why am I brown?'" he says.

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Although the 27-year-old artist is grateful for his upbringing because he received all the love from his adoptive parents, he admits that not knowing his biological parents has always left him with many unanswered questions. He further explains that it was very tough for his adoptive mum to talk about his situation because she knew that he was still too young to understand what adoption was.

"However, it was one of those things where she would say 'I will let you know about it soon. I will let you know about it soon' until a couple of years later she eventually sat me down and told me the whole story," he adds.

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Styles' chat with Keri becomes even more heartbreaking when he speaks about the hardships he has faced; from being discriminated against at school and work to being called derogatory names because he cannot speak his language of birth. All this, he says, eventually affected him mentally, as he now suffers from depression.

"I'm just somebody who is trying to find myself, but it is so hard because other people make it so hard for me to accept who I am. And I guess it is my reality. It's a reality that I have to face. It's a reality that I have to say 'am I going to allow little things like that to come in the way of my life?'" 

Listen to the full interview below:

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IMAGE CREDIT: Supplied by Styles Mbatha

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