Keri Miller shares a breathing exercises for International World Yoga Day

Keri Miller shares breathing exercises for International World Yoga Day

The theme for this year is, 'Yoga for well-being', which is so appropriate considering the world at large is still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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One of the benefits of yoga is relief from anxiety. Among the different effects that the pandemic has had on us, anxiety is a major one, and you can try yoga as a means to cope with it during these times. 

As much as it has been a physical crisis, it has also left long-lasting impacts on our mental health, as we have spent a lot of time alone and in isolation. People diagnosed with anxiety disorders have shared that practicing certain yoga poses each day has helped them with symptoms of anxiety that were hard to deal with. The ‘Camel Pose’ or Ustrasa can improve blood circulation in the body that in turn has a healing effect on both the mind and body. The ‘Bridge Pose’ or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana has a calming effect on the mind, while the easy ‘Butterfly Pose’ or Baddha konasana helps release unwanted tension.

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As we all know, Keri Miller is a yoga instructor, so we asked her to share some healing flows or exercises with us for this week that were suitable for beginners. 

She shared a simple breathwork exercise called 'box-breathing' or '4-square breathing' for today:

Keri Yoga

She also conducted the exercise on-air and we caught it for you. 

Take a listen to the exercise: 

Here are some of the benefits of box-breathing: 

- It can help you cope with panic and stress when feeling overwhelmed. Counting helps to take the focus from the panic-producing situation enabling you to handle and control your response.
- Helps you to sleep when you are having insomnia.
- Helps to control hyperventilation as you can instruct your lungs to breathe rhythmically.
- Helps you refocus when you are having a busy or stressful day.
- Eases panic and worry.
- Keeps you calm while preparing for the day.
- Helps with making a big decision.
- Lowers blood pressure and decreases Cortisol — a stress hormone — which can improve your mood.

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She also shared an infographic highlighting the importance and power of breathwork: 

Keri Yoga

You can follow Keri Miller on her Instagram where she randomly shares yoga tips. 

Keri Yoga

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You may also follow the yoga studio's account @gurucatyoga to join or for more yoga tips. 

For all the yoga enthusiasts - the movers and benders and balanced - Happy World Yoga Day! 

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Main Image Courtesy: Keri Miller

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