Day 4: Darren Maule's edition of yoga

Day 4: Darren Maule's edition of yoga

Four days into lockdown and it's been quite an experience so far. This episode of East Coast Breakfast's lockdown diary is for the yoga novices.

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East Coast Breakfast has now moved into quarantine. The team has been broadcasting from the comfort of their own homes since Friday, 27 March in our new timeslot, 7 am - 10 am.

Each day, we'll bring you a recap of how the team is coping during the lockdown, as well as sharing insightful tips on how to manage the days ahead. 

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Monday's daily vlog by Darren Maule consisted of yoga poses to help you get through the day. We understand that trying to get through the day itself can be quite daunting.

Thankfully, Darren Maule has come up with some relaxing yoga poses which are not for yoga experts. This consists of the plank pose, pigeon pose, and even the staff pose.

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Confused? See it here: 

Day 4. Are you wigging out? Hope this helps. #Lockdown #FlattenTheCurve (But seriously Durban, if you are wigging out, there is help 👉 👈)

Posted by Darren Maule on Monday, March 30, 2020

Darren Maule took a recent trip to the mall, if you missed it, watch it here: 

You might not be able to go to the Mall... but you can come to The Darren Maule. 🍿 😂 🏡 (🐭 is okay - nothing was broken) #Lockdown #FlattenTheCurve

Posted by Darren Maule on Sunday, March 29, 2020

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