ADORABLE: Dog does yoga with her owner – and melts hearts in the process

ADORABLE: Dog does yoga with her owner – and melts hearts in the process

It seems downward dog isn’t the only pose this pup knows how to do.

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Yoga has become a health phenomenon over the past few decades. The stretching process targets and works important muscles in the body while allowing the brain to switch off and destress. The downward dog pose is one of the most popular in the workout. Inspired by man’s best friend, the pose strengthens both the upper and lower body while stimulating blood flow and improving one’s posture. One dog, however, is taking the internet by storm by learning more yoga poses – and working out with her owner.

In a heart-warming video, an Australian Shepard named Secret has won over millions of people around the world after her owner Mary Peters shared that the six-year-old pup enjoys performing yoga alongside her every morning.

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The clip sees Mary and Secret performing a child's pose, cobra pose, downward dog and three-legged dog poses in unison – and it’s incredible to watch.

"Some more simple morning Doga," Mary captioned the clip she shared onto her Instagram account. Secret has been working on the last pose for a while now, but I think she's finally gotten the hang of it! At first, she had a hard time holding her paws without rolling onto one side or the other, but she's learned how to keep her balance.”

In an interview with Newsweek, Mary adds that she has always wanted to get into dog training and believed the highly-intelligent Australian Shephard dog would be the perfect breed to use for her first attempt.

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"Aussies really love to learn and a friend gave me a book on 'Doga' (which was mostly just fun pictures), and I thought we could do that," Mary explains. "Secret is a super-smart Aussie. We hike every day and work on tricks most days as well, the mental effort is what really tires her out. She is more chill than most Aussies, but still very active."

The clip has wowed countless users on the social media app, with many asking for advice on how she managed to train her dog. "Do you do videos on how you trained Secret to do all of this? I'd love to teach my pup some cool tricks," one user wrote.

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