Jane Linley-Thomas shares her lockdown ups and downs as a mom

Jane Linley-Thomas shares her lockdown ups and downs as a mom

"You are doing so much better than you think" - Jane wants moms to be kinder to themselves during the lockdown.

Jane Linley-Thomas
Jane Linley-Thomas and her children/ Instagram

South Africa has been under lockdown for almost 100 days. Life under lockdown has had many ups and downs - especially for parents. 

Like many moms, Jane Linley-Thomas has been working from home during the lockdown. She records her weekend shows from one of her children's bedrooms. 

This is Jane's makeshift home studio setup - which also doubled up as a Zoom birthday party spot for her daughter. 

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Zoom birthday party for a friend 🎂🥳

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Adjusting to their "new normal" was easy for the family at first, but Jane says it became difficult over time. 

"I think to start with it was easier as it was fun, and laced with novelty, joy, and delight. As time went on it became harder and harder to juggle the different emotions and the pressure of having to navigate those on top of homeschooling and the uncertainty of it all," she said. 

Jane says she spoke to her children about the COVID-19 pandemic "honestly, calmly, and without fear". 

"It is important that they feel like agents in their own lives and we conversed around why we wear masks, wash hands, and social distance. They understand that if they do the above they have nothing to fear."

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The hardest part of the lockdown was adding "teacher" to the many roles she already plays as a mom. Jane knew she could not cope with homeschooling and sought help. 

"We have three kids at three different schools, so trying to cater to all their needs and not be driven by fear and worry was hard. I am not a good teacher and found it hard playing the different roles. A few weeks in we found an amazing tutor and she has bought with her order, calm and kindness," she said. 

Jane's children recently returned to school. Her daughter was thrilled to be back in the classroom. 

"I have no anxiety, she is in a small class with all the right protocols and procedures in place. She is so happy to be back."

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A class zoom call ❤️

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One of Jane's lockdown tips for moms is to make sure your family has a daily routine in place. 

"We have quite a good routine down catering for all our needs. They have time to work, play in the garden, read, build lego, play with the dogs, watch TV. We have spent a few nights camping in the garden, sitting around the fire, building forts. We try and keep it fun." 

The lockdown has had its challenges, but Jane makes sure her family stays as positive as possible during these uncertain times. 

"I am big on gratitude and as a family we converse around it nightly. We also zoom family often."

Her message to moms is simple: "Be kind to yourself. This too will pass, and you are doing so much better then you think." 

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Jane also plays all of your favourite classic hits on East Coast Gold, weekdays 10am to 2pm and Saturdays from 2pm to 6pm.

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