Drake features KZN’s Northwood School war cry

Drake features KZN’s Northwood School war cry

Drake puts KwaZulu-Natal’s war cries on the map...

Northwood war cry reposted by Drake
Northwood war cry reposted by Drake

A local remake of a famous song goes viral.

The squires and knights put a modern twist on war cry practice when they busted out a tune from Drake.

Northwood boys sang the call and this time Drake answered. In a mind-blowing turn of events, the A-list celebrity watched the Durban school boys show their “gees” to his hit, 'Non-Stop'.

The remake of this song has spread like wildfire, racking up vibes from all over the country. Check out the video that is the talk of the town:

“Even @champagnepapi (Drake) can’t resist the graveyard,” remarks one user.

One Northwood schoolboy, Paris Badrodin, has shared how his mates have reacted to this shocking turn of events “This whole drake thing is actually crazy but it also puts a lot of pressure on our war cries and for our school to perform this season.”

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Since this video made the rounds on social media, Northwood’s Director of Music has experienced a Hotline Bling. Gareth Gale gives us insight on this moment of recognition.

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Yup, Drake will be watching so it’s time for the KZN schoolboys to turn up the heat.

The East Coast Breakfast team can’t wait to catch the thunderous war cries lined up in 2024.

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KZN schools, watch this space.

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