An innovative solution to SA's queues at Home Affairs resurfaces

An innovative solution to SA's queues at Home Affairs resurfaces

A weird invention that could help you in a queue...

Wearable chair and bean bag
Wearable chair and bean bag / Twitter

A recent experience of Carmen Reddy being stuck in a dreaded queue has led to an East Coast investigation into all things queue related. As we explore what types of people we are in queues, an interesting invention has captivated our attention. 

QUIZ: What kind of person are you in a queue?

This invention is definitely worth chair-ishing. This extraordinary chair is one that you can wear as an outfit. It then transforms into furniture on-the-go.

Here's what to expect from this wild invention...

As seen in the post about, you can move, work, groove, and run with this attachable gadget. It is a unique kind of furniture that makes day-to-day activities seamless.

We can only imagine how this will help people in South Africa

One user mentioned: "This is incredibly ingenious. I need to sell these outside of all Home Affairs offices."

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PMB home affairs image
Facebook: Msunduzi Municipality - City of Choice

We can't wait to see this invention hit the streets of South Africa. In the meantime, we will sit tight and patiently wait for an entrepreneur to fill this niche.

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