World Consumer Rights Day: The Best of Consumerwatch

World Consumer Rights Day: The Best of Consumerwatch

We've gathered the best of the best in honour of this day and the incredible work Wendy Knowler does.

Consumer Rights Day

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With World Consumer Rights Day being celebrated worldwide this week, and the 10th anniversary of the Consumer Protection Act coming up in two weeks, we thought it was a good time to take a look at what our listeners, in search of some consumer protection of their own, have rated as the top five Consumerwatch blogs of the past year - plus one from 2019, because it’s still getting a lot of clicks.

What a wide range of issues they cover, too.

Edgars account holders being put through the most when trying to cancel their accounts; scores of Eastcoasters trying to get refunds for COVID-cancelled holiday bookings; the outrage of ginger selling for more than R400 per kg; how to handle municipal bill shock; and, finally, that issue which continues to annoy so many car buyers - the “on-the-road”, “delivery” or “dealership” fee which gets added to car purchase deals, usually without explanation.

By the way, VW Financial Service’s appeal against the Consumer Tribunal’s ruling - that the fee is illegal on financed deals - will be heard next month.

Here they are:

1. Battling to close your Edgars account? You are not alone, Wendy says...

(Read more here)

2. Refunds for cancelled trips and a warning about bling cake décor...

(Read more here)

3. Skyrocketing ginger prices, special tenant rights - Wendy Knowler investigates...

(Read more here)

4. Wendy Knowler offers solutions to Keri Miller’s municipal bill issues...

(Read more here)

5. On-the-road fees - what are they costing you?

(Read more here)

Despite having one of the world’s most comprehensive sets of consumer protection legislation, when suppliers don’t comply, South African consumers often discover that getting justice is frustratingly difficult. So Consumerwatch's main aim these past 17 years has been to empower listeners with information.

Knowledge is power, and powerful, sussed consumers are very hard to con, dupe, exploit, and rip off.

Here’s to consumers doing it for themselves in 2021 and beyond!

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Get in touch with Wendy via her website or her Facebook page. Please note that Wendy is not able to personally respond to every email she receives. If she is able to take up your case, she will contact you directly. Here are other avenues for you to consider.

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