H&M Group embroiled in another racial scandal

H&M Group embroiled in another racial scandal

The Swedish retailer has suspended several employees at '& Other Stories', one of the H&M Group’s brands, who had used racially offensive language while referring to one of the brand’s products.

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& Other Stores, a clothing store owned by H&M Group, is under fire after an internal photo uploaded to the system named a purple hat as 'Nigga Lab Beanie,' last month.

According to reports, employees who saw this racial slur issued a complaint which has led to the suspension of several managers, the cancellation of the product and an apology from the store.

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The apology, which was issued in a memo to the employees by Managing Director Karolina Gutke on July 21 read as follows.

"We are deeply sorry about the word connected to an image of a product that was sent out to our stores during July. This is completely unacceptable and there is no excuse to why this happened."

Although an apology was issued, employees of the store are still furious; especially at the store refering to the labelling of the beanie as "accidental in nature."

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"Well, what were you trying to spell? What could you even have been trying to name this product? You have a situation where someone doesn't feel like it's wrong to write that word down, how am I supposed to look at my colleagues of color and tell them that this company cares about them? I can't do that anymore," one employee said.

When CNN approached H&M Group for comments, the company emphasized its global non-discrimination policies and it's inclusion and diversity policy which condemns the use of racial slurs.

"Clearly these were not followed, and we are currently investigating why. We will take the strongest possible action - to ensure that racially divisive language or images are not used again."

However, employees at & Other Stores are singing a different tune where race and diversity is concerned; describing their workplace as "a workforce lacking diversity and a void of a true effort in fostering an environment of racial equity."

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