Gordan 'The Ultimate Radio Voice' Graham is on Keri's Couch

Gordon 'The Ultimate Radio Voice' Graham is on Keri's Couch

He's the ultimate man of mystery, with a voice to match. Who is Gordon Graham, where did he come from, and WHAT did he do at the back of a Jozi drive-in?


"He is like this man of mystery that kind of comes in on this horse. He speaks with his radio voice and then disappears into the night again. One day he popped up on East Coast Radio and we were all just like 'where is this man from?' and now he is the host with the most, award-winner of East Coast Gold - Mr Gordon Graham!"

What an intro! This is how Keri starts off her interview with Gordon Graham - an intro befitting of a man who has been a favourite in many South African homes and offices since 1994 - including Joburg and the Eastern Cape, where he broadcasted for 20 years.

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When listening to Gordon Graham, one can tell that radio is in his DNA, which makes perfect sense because even as a youngster he would host fake radio shows in his room and try to impersonate his favourite radio jocks. However, radio was not his first love, he actually had a dream of becoming a tennis player and going on to being the very first South African to win Wimbledon - even though his father had other plans for him.

A family man and a doting dad, Gordon is happily married and has three daughters. When it comes to parenting, he is enjoying every single moment of this mammoth task except for one - boyfriends!

"Boyfriends! Ah! Boyfriends are really hard! She [oldest daughter] has had two boyfriends and I haven't met the second one because obviously she lives in PE and it's lockdown, but I'm sure that will happen at some point. The first one, I couldn't decide if didn't like him because he was her boyfriend or if I didn't like him because he wasn't a nice person..." Gordon tells Keri.

Catch the rest of the interview, and how Gordon became the voice of Iron Man, below: 

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