Getting to know Gareth Jenkinson on Keri's couch

Getting to know Gareth Jenkinson on Keri's Couch

"Gareth Jenks is one of the nicest humans you'll ever meet, he is so chilled, always smiling and just generally, the most stable man I"ve ever met," said Keri Miller.


I then found out he was the youngest of five and that made me understand him a lot. 

His dream came true last year when he got to go to the Rugby World Cup to cover for ECR, however, it didn't all go as planned. Yet, he still smashed it out the park and landed up walking away with a radio award for his work. 

2020 has opened up many different doors for this KZN legend, and now Jozi will get to see the star that is G-Dog Gazza Jenks.

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Listen to the full podcast for details: 

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It’s hard to put in words how special this achievement is for me personally. Today I won the SA Radio Award for Best Sports Show in South Africa for my coverage of the 2019 Rugby World Cup. This just caps off what was the most incredible life experience I’ve had. I was there when the Springboks lifted the William Webb Ellis trophy, and today I got to taste that joy again but this time for my own hard work that I put in covering the tournament. I lived in Japan for 2 months, worked incredibly hard to provide radio updates twice a day, produced video and written content for multiple platforms. It all paid off. . I just want to say a massive thank you to Dev and Kirstie and the whole Hollywoodbets team for believing in me and backing me to go and do the hard graft. It took a massive amount of resources to make that happen and I am forever grateful. Lisa and Brenden from ECR deserve just as much credit for being the bridge between all of us. . Thank you Bongani and Mags for pushing me to do more with the platform I have over the past three years, you really inspired me to make this happen. I also want to say thanks to Rory for always believing in my ability - you’ve been a true friend for many years. . To the rest of the East Coast Radio family, thank you. Darren, Keri and Sky made my updates come to life on East Coast Breakfast and were big supporters. A special mention to Jane Linley-Thomas for all her special messages while I was over there - she kept me motivated. And Myron Naicker for planting the seed in the first place. . This has stoked a fire deep inside me and I am hungry to become one of the best broadcasters in South Africa.

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