Keri's Couch: Getting to know the man behind your favourite hits - Sketchy Bongo

Keri's Couch: Getting to know the man behind your favourite hits - Sketchy Bongo

Born and bred in Durban, Sketchy Bongo is a multi-talented musician who boasts many hit songs under his belt. He left it all on Keri's Couch, a few days before the nationwide lockdown, telling her about his signature balaclava, his new music, and the idea behind his name.

Sketchy Bongo

Before the word 'corona' meant anything other than a beer, Keri got Sketchy Bongo on her famous, tell-all couch. Born Yuvir Pillay, but introduced to the world of music as Sketchy Bongo, this Durbanite is a multifaceted artist who has been on the music scene for many years.

If you are familiar with hit songs such as 'Let You Know' by Shekhinah or 'Cold shoulder' by Locnville, then you have been enjoying music produced by the 30-year-old DJ, producer, and songwriter.

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No stranger to the South African music scene, the talented producer has produced for hip hop musicians such as Skwatta Camp, Proverb, and the late ProKid. He is also a piano player and an overall music beast.

Famous for his signature ski mask, Bongo tells Keri how the mask came about, which he says helps him keep a low profile when out and about with his wife, friends or family.

"In Durban I do about three photos... but I don't mind doing it. I was in Wildcoast with the family for a little while and I took about 10 or 12 pictures. People still recognise me without the mask."

For more of what went down during the interview, listen to the podcast below:

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