Five South African banks feature on this Forbes 'World's Best Bank' list

The Forbes 'World's Best Bank' list includes five South African banks!

You won't believe which bank came out on top as the highest rated bank in SA...

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Going to the bank isn't always a fun time. 

The queues can seem never-ending, but even when you choose to use online banking, it can sometimes be confusing.

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Or you might just forget your password and find yourself locked out completely.

But not all banks are the same.

You might be one of the lucky people who is currently using a bank that features on 'The World's Best Banks' list!

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Forbes and Statista have partnered up and compiled a list of the best banks across the world.

How did they do it?

Statista went to over 40,000 customers from all around the world, and using a survey, they asked these customers their opinions on their current relationship with their bank and any previous experiences.

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The criteria that the banks were rated on included key attributes like digital services (online banking and apps), financial advice, fees, and even trust, while also including general satisfaction.

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This list includes many international establishments, such as Bank Australia and Bank of Montreal, but what caught most South Africans by surprise was the fact that it also featured not one, not two, but FIVE South African banks!

According to Forbes and Statista, the highest-rated South African banks include Bidvest, Nedbank, and First National Bank (FNB). 

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The top five also includes Tymebank, SA's first fully digital bank, which is almost brand new, having only launched 18 months ago.

However, the number one spot, the best bank title goes to... Capitec.

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We have to admit that we were pretty surprised to not see a few other popular names feature at the top, but as South Africans, we can be proud nonetheless.

If you would like to have a look at the complete list, you can do so here.

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Congratulations to Capitec and all the other SA banks that have held our name high.

Now, if you need us, you can find us at the nearest branch...

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