WATCH: Man makes impressive one-handed cricket catch without spilling beer

WATCH: Man makes impressive one-handed cricket catch without spilling beer

Some people are born great, others have greatness thrust upon them... and this video is a great example of the latter.

Catch it beer

As South Africans, we can appreciate the joy, happiness, and sometimes stress a good cricket game brings.

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There are few things as entertaining as experiencing the crowds and the game in real life.

If you have ever been to a live cricket game, you'll know that catching a ball in the crowd is a pretty big deal. 

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There have been times where you could win incredible prizes for catching the ball, maybe you could have kept it as a keepsake, but that doesn't even matter because you could also end up on television and you would be the talk of the town.

Endless bragging rights and plus 10 cool-points for you.

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We've seen many a catch in our day. They're usually a scramble, two-handed mess. The action can't always be classified as graceful or easy.

Until we saw this man who recently caught a cricket ball at a game in Australia.

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The spectator named Tom had been relaxing, enjoying the Aussie Big Bash League Game when Ashton Turner, from the Perth Scorchers team, hit the ball over the boundary, straight towards unsuspecting Tom.

Tom, however, impressed almost everyone in the world, or at least on the internet, when he effortlessly caught the ball in one hand while holding his beer in the other.

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What makes it even more impressive? 

Another man had dived towards the ball, but Tom had only reached his hand out casually and he didn't even spill a single drop of beer!

You can watch the impressive catch right here:

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After the game, he spoke to a local news channel and Tom said he had just come to enjoy a few beers while watching the game.

He probably never expected this!

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As for his secret to not spilling a single drop of beer?

"Priorities," he said.

Well, that beer was even more well-deserved after that legendary catch and hopefully, it hit the spot!

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Main image courtesy of @sportsbetcomau/Twitter

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