Durban named one of the most dangerous cities in the world

Durban named one of the most dangerous cities in the world

Durban isn't the only South African city that made the list, in fact, five others have been rated as incredibly unsafe.


Statistics website,, has released the latest Crime Index by City 2021 survey - and the results will shock you.

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At the top of the list, the title of most dangerous city in the world, with a safety index of only 15.32 and a crime index of 84.68, goes to Caracas in Venezuela.

Following closely on its heels is Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.

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While these might not mean too much to us as South Africans, the cities taking the third, fourth, and fifth spots hit a bit closer to home.

At number 3 is the one and only Jacaranda City, Pretoria.

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But you should probably take a seat before we reveal the fourth most dangerous city in the entire world...

At number four, with a safety index of 19.16 and a crime index of 80.84, is our very own Durban.

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Other South African cities that also feature on the list include Johannesburg at number five, Pietermartizburg in seventh place, PE is 14th, and sitting comfortably at number 19 is Cape Town.

Below is a complete list of the top 20 most dangerous countries in the world:

most danger

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Unlike a best-dressed list or most beautiful countries list, this is one list no-one really wants to feature on and does not come with the same kind of bragging rights.

Now you might be wondering what authority this random website has to compile this list?

They compile their lists by carrying out various surveys that gather information about the quality of life, crime indexes, property costs around the world, and the cost of living.

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In order to compile the Crime Index by City 2021 list, a perception-based index that focused on respondents' feelings rather than actual crime statistics was used.

The site did say, however, that the surveys conducted are similar to any scientific and government surveys, and they had a very tough elimination method that would get rid of any potential spam.

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On the other side of the scale, which could be considered the "safer" side, the top ten include Geneva (Switzerland), Taipei (Taiwan), Quebec City (Canada), and the number one least dangerous city in the world is Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

This list isn't the greatest news for South African cities, but hopefully, in the future, our beautiful and much-loved cities will not take any of the top spots.

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Although it is quite unusual that one would want to come in at last place, we're willing to make an exception for this list.

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