Five Things You Need To Know: Durban correctional officer busted for smuggling drugs

Five Things You Need To Know: Durban correctional officer busted for smuggling drugs

This official and a private citizen have been arrested.

Drug smuggling

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It has taken more than two decades to implement and now South Africa’s long-anticipated Aarto demerit system for motorists has been declared invalid and unconstitutional in its current form. 


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Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic lashed out at Australian authorities on Sunday morning, hours after a federal court paved the way for the deportation of Novak Djokovic on the eve of the Australian Open over his vaccine status.

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According to research by travel specialists ParkSleepFly, The Kruger National Park is the ninth most popular national park in the world on TikTok. The Yellowstone National Park sits in top spot with 630-million views.

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The leader of Turkmenistan would like to finally close the "Gates of Hell" that have burned continuously in the nation's Karakum desert for five decades. 

It’s literally a massive hole that burns a supply of natural gas accidentally exposed by a 1971 soviet drilling operation gone wrong. The leader said that the value of gas that can be extracted outweighs the tourism possibilities.  

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The Department of Correctional Services said one its officials and a private citizen were arrested and are behind bars after they were caught attempting to smuggle drugs and other illegal goods into the Durban Correctional Centre in Westville on Saturday. 

They were alerted to the officer who was screaming after getting stuck in a storm drain. 

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