Find out how one woman traded a bobby pin for a house

Find out how one woman traded a bobby pin for a house

Demi Skipper found the inspiration for her Trade Me Project from blogger Kyle MacDonald, who had traded a red paperclip for a two-storey house.

Bobby pin trade

When it comes to trading, most people stick to the obvious stuff.

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Kids trade stickers and Pokemon cards, while adults trade stock. 

Something that doesn't happen as often is people still trading goods for property!

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Way back in 2005, Kyle MacDonald decided he would try trading a red paperclip, upping every trade as he went until he reached his end goal - a house.

A goal that he did accomplish!

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After reading about his story, Demi Skipper was inspired to take on the challenge herself.

Fast forward to May 2020 and Demi began her trading journey with only a bobby pin. You know, the one you use for your hair.

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Only six months later, the 29-year-old had a place to call home.

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She called it the Trade Me Project and she kept her followers up to date on social media by posting progress videos on TikTok and Instagram.


How I made my first trade! #fyp #trademeproject

♬ Up Beat (Married Life) - Kenyi

Trading a Bobby pin until I get a house - Part 28 #trademeproject #fyp #trade

♬ Blinding Lights - The Weeknd

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One of her last trades was a 2006 Mustang for a 2011 Jeep.

Then she asked someone to drive the car to the owner of Wildbound Cabin Co., Austin Kratz.

Austin took the car and gave her and her partner their small home!

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While it isn't their dream house, she did technically end up being successful in her trades.

She also said that she isn't done with her trader journey. 

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From a bobby pin to a cabin, she did what many thought would be impossible...

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Main image courtesy of @trademeproject/Instagram

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