Filmmaker does not look forward to expensive toll fees

Filmmaker does not look forward to expensive toll fees

Tollgate prices more expensive than this?

A man standing in front of a toll gate price sign in South Africa
A man standing in front of a toll gate price sign in South Africa/Instagram Screenshot/@authentic_slate_production

Travelling around South Africa means being prepared for the cost. We love our country, and we love taking a shot left, but sometimes, looking at the prices of toll plazas can leave you defeated. 

And that's over and above the price you pay for petrol and accommodation. 

We were bitterly reminded of this when a Filmmaker travelling through Machado felt the pinch of paying a hefty tollgate price

The wedding filmmaker was going to Graskop, Mpumalanga, when he had to pass the Machado Toll Plaza. 

He was surprised that light motor vehicles had to pay R118.00 to pass the toll. 

That's a steep price, considering he was travelling in pursuit of the perfect cinematic wedding invite. It got him thinking if this was the most expensive toll gate in South Africa. People were happy to remind him what a truck paying R685.00.

Here are some of the reactions from people. 

  • "Throw the car over the Toll gate and walk through, thank me later"
  • "Limpopo tolls are also insane"
  • "I feel your pain, just park the car and walk there."
  • "Someone is paying R685😭 I’d scream"
  • "I saw how much it was when the money got deducted from my account 😭😭 I cried Shem but anyway home is home"

Watch the video below, courtesy of Instagram.

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