This accident reminds to always be cautious on the roads

This accident reminds us to always be cautious on the roads

This is a firm reminder that we should always be patient rather than misjudge how far a vehicle is. 

Two vehicle are about to collide in front of a shopping centre
Two vehicle are about to collide in front of a shopping centre/Instagram Screenshot/@talldarkandy

Life is not something we can plan out to a T. There are things that will come our way that are out of our control, and that's just how the cookie crumbles. 

But that doesn't mean we cannot do our best to follow life's precautions

Driving is one that many people fail to practice full caution and the repercussions can lead to tragedy. We are overwhelmed with examples of motorists who don't follow the rules and find themselves in a tragic situation. 

We came across a video reminding us to always be cautious when driving

It is vital to pay attention when you are driving because sometimes, when you preempt something, the timing could be wrong, leading to an accident. 

Have a look at the video below, which shows what everyone is calling a Toyota Fortuner turning into a gated premises without judging the distance of a taxi

Watch what happened below, courtesy of Instagram.

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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