Man attempts to stand for 7 days, quits after 4 hours

Man attempts to stand for 7 days, quits after 4 hours

Ah! He just missed it...

Man standing competition
Man standing competition/ TikTok

Oops, one man bit off more than he could chew after he attempted to set a Guinness World Record and failed dismally.

The Ghanaian man, Patrick Amenuvor, unfortunately stopped his 168-hour stand-a-thon. Take a look at this controversial moment unfold:


What? 🤔

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Many users have taken to the comments to joke about how they have worked and waited for longer periods of time. However, one user brought a valid point to the table- he can’t move his foot at all.

Imagine the level of pain this man must have endured by simply standing still. How long do you think you could last for in a stand-a-thon?

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All jokes aside, Patrick’s management released a statement with a reason as to why this record attempt was put to a haunt.

According to the post, the quest was officially placed on halt due to the unforeseen electrical outrages.

So who holds the current record?

In 2001, an Indian man named Akshinthala Seshu Babu held the world record for the longest time standing still, maintaining Mahatma Gandhi's posture with a stick for 25 hours and 1 minute. The following year, in 2002, he extended this feat to an impressive 35 hours. In 2015, Babu made another record attempt, lasting an astonishing 37 hours.

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