Adele has the whole world talking after she posted a picture of her with Buntu Knots!

Adele has the whole world talking after she posted a picture of her with Buntu Knots!

After Adele posted a picture of herself with Buntu Knots, she has been accused of cultural appropriation! The drama never ends! 

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The Notting Hill Carnival is an annual weekend-long festival founded in 1966 to celebrate the British Caribbean immigrant community, and Black British culture in general. 

It was canceled this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, moving its music and performances online. However, Adele made an appearance to let everyone know it would have been Carnival time, if the coronavirus hadn’t messed up everyone’s year. 

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She then shared a photo of herself on Instagram wearing a Jamaican flag bikini and had her hair twisted into Bantu knots.

But some fans were quick to criticise the Tottenham-born star's decision to wear Bantu knots - a traditional African hairstyle in which the hair is twisted into a series of small coiled buns.

One Twitter user wrote: "Black Americans trying to Cancel Adele for making an African Hair style and wearing A Jamaican flag will forever be funny. While Africans are praising her and Jamaicans are happy she did. These Black Americans are really starting to be bitter bullies" 

People just always have something to complain about, even when it's not necessary. 

Another said: "African Americans don't make up to 5% of the whole black race. Yet we have allowed them to paint the whole black race as stupid enough is enough. Adele looks amazing with her bantu knots and Jamaican bikini. African culture is a cheerful and accepting culture so rock ya thang gurl" 

Read what other Tweeps had to say: 

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