East Coast Breakfast's top 3 sock laws of the year

East Coast Breakfast's top 3 sock laws of the year

When in doubt, refer to your fashion besties...

Sock laws
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A recent online debate sparked between Gen Z and Millennials has caused a cancellation of ankle socks. Our East Coast Breakfast team are divided on this matter and have turned to friend of the show, Nicolette. 

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Take a listen or read three of these shocking sock laws: 

1. Michael Jackson and school kids are the only ones 'allowed' to wear black shoes and white socks

After some careful consideration, the East Coast Breakfast team are with fashionista, Nicolette Murdoch,, on this one. Carmen reluctantly agrees while wearing this exact combo in studio! 


2. Secret socks are a secret

Having four generations in her house, Nicolette has experience in fashion across the decades and, yes, this sock thing is serious! Please, no bright secret socks that can be seen through your shoes. Watch the smell, when you take your shoes off the whole universe should not know. 

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Last but not least, 

3. Ankle sock or not to ankle sock

It's time to move with the times! As we bid farewell to ankle socks and take up their longer cousin, it is important to note that under some circumstances they are "acceptable". Then again, each to their own and in a few years time, the trend will change again.  


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