Ankle socks are officially cancelled by Gen Z

Ankle socks are officially cancelled by Gen Z

A sock saga has taken over the East Coast 

ANKLE SOCKS cancel/ canva

Alert! Gen Z's fashion police are at it again! It started with skinny jeans, went to side parts and now they're coming for our socks. This young generation have officially "cancelled" ankle socks and they’ve decided it’s for boomers.

Before we get started, let's take a look at what exactly ankle socks are...


While Darren Maule is the Kind of long, funky socks, Sky is a lover of secret socks but Carmen is the controversial one with her go-to being secret socks. 

Gen Z have taken to social media platforms to express their outrage towards ankle socks. Videos have surfaced online stating that "they tell your age" and "they are for old people." 

No one is safe in this mass cancellation. People are taking to TikTok to ask asking "Am I uncool?" for their choice in socks.


am i uncool

♬ She can beat me but she cannot beat my oufit - Marinela

Here are some diverse comments shared by sock lovers of all ages: 

  • "I think one thing I am willing to take from Gen Z is to ditch ankle socks and wear half crew socks instead."
  • "I absolutely live for my ankle socks, it cannot go anywhere, I grew up in the 90s and born in the late 80s."
  • "Cancellation of socks is prohibited!"
  • "Can't have Gen X fainting from shock seeing them nasty toes and toenails hidden by the regular socks and sandals users."
  • "Good thing I've always thought ankle socks were ugly and always had trouble getting them to stay on my feet."

Be strong millennial, we are here with you!

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