VIDEO: Woman spreads sauce on grill using a mop!

VIDEO: Woman spreads sauce on grill using a mop!

"Honey, have you seen my braai mop?"

Woman putting mop on grill
Woman putting mop on grill / Instagram

We know what you're thinking... no, this is not a joke! After a mind-blowing video surfaced on the net, it has come to light that food mops are actually a thing. A chef left the internet speechless after she was captured "mopping" the braai meat on a grill. 

This braai was unlike anything we have ever seen before. @stadiumchef took to Instagram to share this insider info. 

Before we share how this mop is supposedly safe, take a look at this jump-scare: 

As shared by the post, "DISCLAIMER: I know there are going to be comments saying “That’s not food safe” or “Lint is coming off the mop & going into the food”. That is not the case. These “mops” are designed for bulk production when doing thousands of pounds of smoked meats."

BBQ mops, also known as basting mops, are specialised tools widely employed for this type of cuisine. Typically, the ones you find online are shorter in length.

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This is not the first time that people have used unconventional methods to cook, however, rarely do we see a cleaning item being used. 

Here are some comments shared by online users: 

  • "That is absolutely vile"
  • "Hey, each to their own"
  • "A mop is a mop, finished. What I see is disgusting!"
  • "So nobody in these comments ever heard of a BBQ mop? It's literally made for this."
  • "My mouth is on the floor."
  • "Nope, no thanks. It's the principle."


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