ECR's top 5 tips to make your petrol go the extra mile

ECR's top 5 tips to make your petrol go the extra mile

Tough times? Here's how to stretch your tank...

Petrol pump and car
Petrol pump and car/ canva

Running out of fuel on the highway in Durban can land you a fine. In addition to this, the petrol price is not doing us any favours.

During these trying times, any relief on your pocket can help. There are many myths that circulate on how to save petrol. We are here to bring you the official scoop. 

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Here are five tips as shared by Car Track South Africa

1. Smooth and steady driving

2. Proper vehicle maintenance

3. Lighten the load of the vehicle

4. Plan efficient routes

5. Utilise fuel-saving technologies

Hilarious couple's counselling over SA's petrol prices
Hilarious couple's counselling over SA's petrol prices/ TikTok screenshot

We hope these tips help you go the extra mile as we approach month-end.

Stay tuned as Mike V brings you the latest on what's buzzing around KZN. 

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