Dad's accidental pet purchase sparks Octo-baby explosion

Dad's accidental pet purchase sparks Octo-baby explosion

The surprise of a lifetime that cost thousands...

Octopus in a tank
Octopus in a tank/ canva

"That octopus better vote you father of the year," shares one TikTok user. 

A dad’s octopus purchase has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. Cameron Clifford is a father who fulfilled his son's octopus dreams, but little did he know that it would result in an octopus overload. 

A simple purchase of a pet octopus led to 50 babies and thousands of dollars in damages. 

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This unexpected turn of events was shared across social media. Take a look at this pet octopus known as Terrance:

@doctoktopus They say, octopusi’ aint easy., but de-glamorozing the life of owning a very soecial and exotic pet, is necesssary to preparing for the journey you’ll take. #octopus #marinebiology #shrimpdaddy #saltwateraquarium #fyp #cephalopod #petoctopus #aquarium #octomom #clambake ♬ A Real Hero - Electric Youth & College

As captured in the video above, meticulous research went into creating a safe habitat for this animal.

Initially projecting expenses to range between R11,000 to R13,300 ($600 to $700), Clifford quickly found himself in hot water due to unforeseen expenditures that accompanied the sudden appearance of Terrance's 50 offspring. Clifford now allocates R5,700 ($300) weekly for the hatchlings' sustenance, while also dealing with significant water damage to his residence.

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Research facilities that the family reached out to refused to accommodate the unexpected arrivals. Clifford turned to social media for some relief. 

In a statement to USA Today, Clifford expressed both the challenges and joys of his experience, remarking:

Despite regrets over incidents such as water damage to his home, Clifford emphasised the joy it brought to his children.

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