Couple's hilariously scary selfie goes viral!

Couple's terrifying and hilarious selfie goes viral!

This is what happens when you sneeze in the middle of taking a selfie!

Couple's terrifying and hilarious selfie goes viral!
Image: Reddit/ JuddJasper

Why say "cheese" when you can just sneeze and have your selfie go viral?! 

This couple's terrifying, almost possessed selfie is the strangest thing you'll see today.

This shocking photo was posted by a Reddit user who explained that he was trying to take a panoramic selfie with his girlfriend using her phone. 

For the function to work, you have to stand absolutely still, but his girlfriend sneezed, and, well, the result is like something out of a horror movie!

My phone has a wide selfie feature similar to a panorama. You need to sit still for it to work. My girlfriend sneezed, and this happened. from pics

Next time you take a selfie, just sneeze and see which horror film you can mimic!

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